You probably remember us saying that Econet really wants you to buy their US dollar airtime as opposed to ZWL airtime. They have thrown carrots and sticks to try and steer customers to buy their US dollar airtime. Sticks have come in the form of limiting the amount of ZWL airtime out there. Carrots have come in the form of generous data allocations when one buys US dollar Smart Bundles. Now they have just added another sweet carrot in the form of the Smart Buddies Promotion where about US$150 000 prices are up for grabs.

WIN BIG!! In the Smart Buddies Promotion and stand a chance to win over US$150,000 worth of prizes.

Prizes include 2KVA Solar Systems, Gas stoves, Fridges, Smart USD Airtime, Smartphones and many more!


  • Fridges
  • Gas stoves
  • Smartphones
  • USD$ Airtime


The prizes available

These are actually multiple promotions

While Econet is calling the whole thing the Smart Buddies Promotion, these are essentially a series of promotions all with different entry requirements. There will be about 40 daily competitions (which are being called weekly draws) and one final competition (grand draws). To enter each draw you need to do the following:

  • There will be daily draws conducted from Monday to Friday of each week. You enter each daily draw when you recharge with at least US$1 on a given particular day. So if you recharge on Monday you get entered into the Monday draw but will not participate in the Tuesday draw until you recharge again. Daily winners will be announced weekly even though they are selected daily.
  • The competition is running for two months at the end of which there is a grand draw. You can have up to two entries in the grand draw. All you need to do is to recharge with at least US$20 during the first month and then another at least US$20 in the second month.

So to maximise your chances you just have to spend a combined US$40. You need to recharge with US$1 every day between Monday to Friday every day of the competition and make sure you spent at least US$20 per month. I will be the first to tell you that you need to be one hell of a caller to be able to do this. This is because as we noted in another article, Smart USD bundles are pretty generous. Most people will not need anything beyond US$17, to be honest. You get 10GB of data with that and 450 minutes.

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