Yesterday while you were probably at church, Econet announced their latest price hike. Unlike the previous price hikes which involved them sending out SMS notifications to customers this time the notice first appeared in the Sunday Mail Newspaper before it appeared on their social media platform.

The price hikes involved the following changes:

Public Notice

Dear Valued Customer,

Please note our Voice, Data and SMS tariffs will be reviewed effective Monday 28 October, 2019

Voice-ZWL$0.0139 per second

Data-ZWL$0.2328 per MB

SMS-ZWL$0.2429 per SMS

To access new Data bundles, dial *143#

To access new SMS bundles, dial *140#

**All prices are inclusive of taxes

The text of the price review notice
Econet new prices

The new prices go into effect today which means now you are going to be automatically charged at the new prices if you use the above-listed services today.

The notice also confusingly refers to new data bundles but as far as we can tell the bundles look the same. They were also recently tweaked a bit. So the words data and SMS above probably refer to out of bundle browsing and texting-it’s something you should never do.

NetOne and Telecel will probably follow suit. These prices require POTRAZ approval which Econet most certainly has obtained. Usually, the trio (including Telecel and NetOne) charge the same prices when it comes to voice calls.