If you are an Econet customer and facing connectivity issues at the moment you are not alone and it is not probably an issue with your phone or device. Econet has just sent out a message to its subscribers coping to the fact that their network is facing connectivity issues. This follows several complaints on social media where a sizeable number of Econet customers complained about connectivity issues. Our friends at Techzim also noted that it seemed like Econet was having issues.

This is what Econet had to say about the issue:

We apologise for the Data challenges you may be experiencing. Our engineers are working to restore normal service. Any inconvenience caused is sincerely regretted.


An SMS sent by Econet to it’s subscribers

It is not clear what the issue is exactly but it seems to be affecting all internet services rather than just specific services. One user claimed it seemed like a BGP issue although this has not been confirmed.BGP is a term used to describe the way data is routed from one network to another. This means that it is possible that Econet is having trouble routing data from it’s users to the wider network. Again this is all speculation. All we know for sure is that Econet’s engineers are attending to the issue.