Drax Consult SAGL’s lawyers, Samkange and Hungwe have written a cheeky letter to NatPharm challenging the cancellation of their contract for the supply of Covid-19 prices. Last month the government hastily wrote to Drax cancelling their contract with NatPharm after public outrage over inflated prices as well as the flouting of many other guidelines. In fact, the scandal as well as others involving Drax International resulted in the Minister of Health being fired. The company’s Zimbabwe representative Delish Nguwaya has been arrested accused of fraud over the deal.

This is brazen!

Unsurprisingly the letter has already caused outrage among many Zimbabweans on social media.

This is a quite daring and brazen attempt to keep their snouts firmly entrenched on the feeding trough. It’s an affront and a slap on the already fuming citizens face. These thieves have no shame!

What one Twitter user had to say of Twitter

Others greeted the letter with cynism pointing out this was all part of the government’s alleged “catch and release” doctrine. They pointed out to the Gwanda Solar project as an example. Although the principal on that contract was arrested they were not convicted. In fact, recently the government actually gave Intratrek the go ahead to complete the project!