According to funeral services provider Doves, they had to recall their staff early from the Christmas holidays in order to deal with the rise in the number of deaths as the coronavirus takes its toll on the Zimbabwean population. The recalled workers were called in to make more new coffins as the company was about to run out. This was revealed by the company’s General Manager for operations.

Doves had to recall its staff from their Christmas holiday to produce more caskets and coffins as the number of daily funerals tripled to 21 at its main branch in Harare. At the beginning of the year, it was confident that stocks would last until April.

Deaths surpass 1000

It has almost a year ever since the country recorded it’s first COVID-19 death and yesterday the country surpassed 1000 deaths as the pandemic rages on. As of yesterday evening the country had recorded the following:

  • New cases: 313
  • Locals: 313
  • Returnees: 0
  • Deaths: 31
  • Recoveries: 873
  • National Recovery Rate: 71%
  • Active Cases: 8 065
  • Total Cumulative Cases: 31 320
  • Total Recoveries: 22 250
  • Total Deaths: 1 005