The Zimbabwean government has been told to be careful not to push US President Donal Trump who has cultivated a reputation for being scrappy and unpredictable when it comes to international diplomatic affairs.

This follows the Zimbabwean government’s apoplectic response to US Ambassador Nichol’s tweets during the poorly attended so-called Anti-Sanctions day on 25 October. The government blamed Zimbabwe’s economic woes on sanctions, which for some bizarre reason they keep calling illegal, imposed by the United States on Zimbabwe.

With his country under attack, Ambassador Nichols went on the offensive on Twitter. According the Ambassador it was corruption and incompetence that was causing Zimbabwe economic problems and he went on to list instances of corruption, an act that irked the Zimbabwean government.

In response, the Foreign Minister Sibusiso Moyo sent a scathing letter full of threats to Ambassador Nichols accusing him of undiplomatic behaviour.

We have the means to bring this to an end, should we deem it necessary, or should we be pushed too far,

Part of Hon. Moyo’s

You will do well not to push Mr Trump, Ken Mufuka.

Trump loves a fight. If Moyo lives on planet earth, he would know that the world does not owe Zimbabwe anything and that Trump is a street fighter.

Trump’s reaction is unpredictable. Trump is like a drunken Irishman, who joins a street fight without knowing what the fight was for. Trump can easily cut off food aid to the eight million starving Zimbabweans.

There is really nothing called illegal sanctions. If the US refuses to trade with Zimbabwe and cuts off Visa, MasterCard and American Express Services, there is nothing we can do about it.

Ken Mufuka, prominent Zimbabwean Journalist based in the US