The price of everything is going up these days and fees have been no exception. Boarding schools are especially vulnerable this time around. While before they could peg their fees in the stable USD now they cannot as that is deemed illegal by our esteemed leaders. Now they have to charge exorbitant fees in a bid to stay ahead of inflation.

Dominican Convent has just said they will be hiking their school fees. Here is the catch they want the fees like now this year before the 2020 school year begins. I mean the 2019 year is not even yet over.

Following the SDC EGM on Monday 18th November, the 2020 first term fees will be as follows:

Form 1-4 – $12 500.00
Form 5-6 – $15 000.00
In view of the inflationary pressure in our economic environment, the initial fee of $3 600.00 must be paid up by Friday 29 November 2019, and the balance of $8 900 by Tuesday 31 December 2019.

Should you find you will be unable to continue with us, please let us know by 6 December 2019, so that we offer those who are on the waiting list.

Failure to pay the initial $3 600.00 by the stated date will be taken to mean that you have declined the offer.