Delta Zimbabwe may have lost the soft drink crown to the upstarts Varun Investments who are part of the Pepsi family but the Zimbabwean alcohol market is still firmly in their grip. They do not sell any whiskey, wines or such fancy items but when it comes to lagers and opaque beer they have no equal. That is no accident. The company is always coming up with innovations and their latest item is the 20-litre “shake-shake” container for opaque beer.

Delta’s 20-litre containers

Why this is a big deal?

At first glance, there is nothing newsworthy about this innovation. This is just another container but it seems Delta are onto something here:

  • The container is recyclable and reusable. You can just pay a deposit the first time you make a purchase and get a container you can exchange for full containers. Sure nothing new here, but it is easier to keep track of a larger 20-litre container than it is to keep track of smaller multiple containers. You will have fewer containers to worry about.
  • You can buy large containers and use your own branded containers in your establishment.
  • Large containers are easier to handle
  • These containers will be handy at functions and occasions rather than having to buy multiple-shrink wrapped 2 litre containers. How are your drunk uncles going to hide a 20 litre container of beer?