According to ZIMSTAT the month on month inflation for December was 16.55% compared to 17.46% for November- a decrease of 0.91%. This is not the good news the government is probably going to make it sound like.

You see it means that the prices of goods and services increased, on average, by 16.55% compared to their November prices. It means for example if something was selling at $100 at the beginning of December, it would have been selling for around $116.55 by the end of the same month.

Things were bad a year ago but not this bad

Just to reinforce the fact that last year was better that what 2020 is going to be the inflation rate for December 2018, i.e. the previous year, was around 9.0%. This means that the inflation rate for December 2019 was 7% higher than that of 2018.

This gives credence to the feeling that many are have that things are not improving but getting worse economy wise.