As coronavirus infections rise the operations of various businesses have been affected. Banks, government offices and business organisations have been forced suspend operations as Covid-19 wreaks havoc through out the country. The latest businesses to be affected include ZUPCO and the nation’s examinations board-ZIMSEC.

Nine employees at ZUPCO’s Willowvale depot tested positive although it’s not clear which test was administered.

We shall continue to spray, disinfect each bus and omnibus daily. Zupco shall continue to ensure temperature checks, hand sanitisation and wearing of face masks by both passengers and crews.

Efforts are underway to ensure continuity of service by Zupco. As we fight this pandemic we once again encourage our passengers, stakeholders and the nation at large to take all necessary precautions to curb the spread of Covid-19

ZUPCO was already struggling to meet public demand for transport as they were given the public transport monopoly. The crew do not take temperature checks when people board and the buses are often overcrowded. There is talk that ZUPCO will start carrying fewer passengers again.

Covid at the exam board

Not long ago, the government was pushing for reopening of schools and writing of examinations. This is all but dead in the water as colleges have been struck by the virus. Yesterday 11 ZIMSEC workers in Harare tested positive for the virus:

his closure is to facilitate thorough disinfection of our offices as a precautionary measure to mitigate the spread of Covid-19

ZIMSEC statement