One criticism leveled against the bigwigs in Zimbabwe’s government was their frequent and often wasteful globetrotting. Even when the country had scarcely any foreign currency our beloved leaders often found a reason to hop on an often chartered plane to somewhere. Millions of dollars of precious foreign currency was lost this way.

Thanks to the coronavirus outbreak however that globetrotting behaviour was brought to an abrupt end. We are not hearing of anyone in government going to seek treatment abroad even as they preside over the destruction of our local health system.

China, the favourite destination for those seeking advanced healthcare just so happens to be the hotspot for corona with over 90 000 cases so far. Add to that the fact that the bulk of those who have died are mostly elderly males above the age of 50, something that perfectly describes the bigwigs a lot of them are unwilling to take the risk.

In fact the president has taken the choice away from most of them by banning all unnecessary foreign travel out of Africa. This is something that should have done early on and not just because they are afraid of coronavirus. All that travelling has brought zero tangible benefits.

This development was also not lost on Muckraker, the mysterious comedian at the Zimbabwean Independent:

Yet, it has taken the coronavirus to finally keep our leaders at home. Well, if it takes a dangerous disease to keep our rulers from their addiction to foreign travel, then long may this plague continue. As they say on ZBC, people from all walks of life have hailed the coronavirus for saving the country money.

Maybe all that saved foreign currency will be used to import much needed medicine, grain and fuel.