Civil servants are furious with their employer the government after it was revealed that bonuses would no longer be paid in the same way they have been done over the years. The government has announced that beginning in 2022, incentive payments will be made based on individual performance. The PSC has subsequently sent a circular to all relevant ministries confirming this.

In a letter from Jasper Chimedza, permanent secretary of Health and Child Care, to  Provincial Medical Directors, Acting Chief Medical Directors, Directors, and Deputy Directors, the government spells out the new criteria which will be used to determine how civil servants get bonuses.


The above matter refers.

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The Public Service Commission (PSC) has issued a circular notifying of the changed method of payment of bonuses and other performance-related awards in the Civil Service.

It is advised that with effect from this year, 2022, bonus will ONLY be paid based on performance appraisal reports.

Considering the foregoing, kindly ensure that all members of staff from Deputy director level and below are appraised as per the standard requirements. You will be notified as to when to submit the consolidated performance ratings at the appropriate time.

Contents of the letter by Chimedza

As expected workers are incensed by the switcheroo. The president of ARTUZ an outspoken union representing rural teachers has lashed out against these new measures:

Performance appraisals should be an ongoing process which should never be weaponised in an attempt to prejudice workers.

All civil servants have legitimate expectations to receive bonuses. We have consulted teachers and we are advised that most teachers never sat down with the supervisors to set realistic goals. At the end of the day, appraisal forms are going to be ‘cooked.

Obert Masaraure the president of ARTUZ