According to Civic rights advocacy group, OpenParly, the city of Harare is now required to pay US$40 to a foreign firm linked to Delish Nguwaya of Drax fame. It is not clear how this arrangement if it exists, came to be but the group reports it was done with the blessing of Local Government Minister July Moyo. It is also not clear exactly what services the “foreign firm” which is linked to Nguwaya would be providing in order to justify the money, nor is the reason for the firm to be paid in USD given how the Zimbabwean government has been touting the importance of ZWL locally.

Harare City Council can no longer dump waste at its own Pomona site because it has to pay USD$40 per lorry to a foreign firm fronted by Delish Nguwaya. The deal was engineered by Local Gvt Min July Moyo.

Assuming all the Harare Council trucks are working and want to offload garbage at Pomona, Council has to pay USD$18 400 per entry!!

Harare Council, which has already been struggling to collect refuse from locations, will have to pay fines to the foreign firm if it fails to bring the garbage to Pomona!!

The rubbish belongs to Harare. The dumpsite belongs to Harare. Yet Harare has to pay a foreign firm to dump the garbage!!

@OpenCouncilHRE in a series of Tweets on Twitter.

The death of service delivery in Harare

I cannot seem to remember the last time I saw a garbage collection truck. It was probably before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and even then it was not a regular thing. Generally, before the crumbling of our economy, the weekly refuse collection was a weekly occurrence with a fairly set timetable. Now we have politicians trading blame and pointing fingers it is hard to know who is to blame. What is certain is that lack of proper service has been linked to the city not having enough money to fuel its trucks. If they cannot find money for fuel how will they find money to pay this entity?