Starting 1 August motorists who want to park on any of the CBD’s premium slots have to fork out more money as the city has hiked its parking fees. It was the second price increase of the day following the latest fuel price increase.

Like with most price increases this was coming given the state of the economy and how the value of the local RTGS currency has plummetted over the past few months.

The new parking fees

  • $5 per hour in the CBD
  • $3 per 30 minutes in the CBD
  • $3 per hour for streets on the CBD periphery

Also, the city has promised to introduce a mobile app. Presumably, you can make payments using this app. Advantages of using the app are not clear at the moment.

If you don’t pay up you will have to face the new clamping fees

Not long ago the City of Harare adopted a supplementary budget which was required because the previous budget had been made under the assumption that RTGS (ZWL) was at par with US dollars. A delusion the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe was eventually forced to abandon.

In the new budget, they hiked clamping fees by 1000%.