CIMAS Health Group has announced that they attained a ZWS ISO/IEC 27001:013 certification. CIMAS Health Group is one of the country’s most well-known and established medical aid societies and healthcare providers. The certification is also known as Cyber Security and Information Security certification. It generally means that CIMAS has been recognised as having robust security around the client’s information on their platforms.

We have taken measures to minimise the risk of our customers’ information falling into unwanted hands.

We care about our clients’ private, confidential and privileged information and have therefore taken appropriate control measures to protect that information.

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Thando Kembo, CIMAS Chief Operating Officer

As a medical aid provider, CIMAS handles a lot of private information belonging to clients including their age, personal details, health history as well as confidential financial information such as salaries and earnings. This is the sort of information that needs to stay private and CIMAS says that they have invested heavily in ensuring that the private information of their clients is well protected. They made a lot of changes and adjustments to their platforms to ensure this. The ZWS ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification they received is in recognition of just how far they went in pursuit of client confidentiality.

According to our friends at Techzim, CIMAS are the first medical aid organisation in Zimbabwe to receive this certification. This means all the other medical aid organisations, whom we will deliberately choose not to name here, have a lot of work ahead for them to attain this standard as well otherwise they risk appearing as if they do not care about client privacy.