According to social media reports, one of Zimbabwe’s many, money transfer agents, Access Forex was hit by robbers early this morning this is despite the fact that the branch is only about 300m from the police station. Reports indicate that the robbers made a clean getaway with an undisclosed amount of cash. It doesn’t appear like anyone was injured.

In recent months, Money Transfer Agents, have been targeted by robbers as they are often seen as high-value targets. With the RBZ continuously tinkering with the Zimbabwean Dollar, most people now seek refuge in the US dollar. Money Transfer Agents payout in USD cash which is often coveted due to the fact that it can be spent anywhere even outside Zimbabwe.

Last year, two individuals tasked with delivering money to Gokwe dissappeared with hundreds of thousands of dollars belonging to Mukuru a popular Zimbabwean money transfer agent. ZB bank also lost over US$2.5 million in Zimbabwe’s biggest robbery in what turned out to be an inside job. The bulk of that money has not been recovered.