As every Zimbabwean knows, cash is precious. It all started back in 2016 when the country started going through a liquidity crisis created by the RBZ. Long story short, the central bank had a few years earlier than that, started printing RTGS dollars there by displacing real USD from people’s accounts. From thereon people have had to line up at banks and spend nights at these queues waiting for paltry cash withdrawals of less than $20 USD equivalent per week.

Many Zimbabweans have long suspected that cash shortages are the problems of the poor and ordinary Zimbabweans. The elite have their ways. It’s a maxim that has been proven true on multiple occasion and the latest incident just proves it even more. According to news reports the fallen Health Minister Obadiah Moyo, is said to have wanted to pay his bail in cash. All $50 000 ZWL of it.

The event which took place on Friday has sparked outrage among a lot of people on social media. When he was asked to pay bail the Minister’s aides brought bag fulls of the cash but Moyo was offered the option to pay using a bank card, an offer which he took up. His aides where left to haul the cash back from whence it came.

Scores of people pointed out pointed out the fact that one would need close to a year of withdrawals at the current rate of $1 000 ZWL. How could he have withdrawn that much from a bank? Surely he didn’t sleep in a queue for 50 weeks. The answer remains though: The rich and elite have their ways.