There are real fears that Zimbabwe’s internet might either be limited or shutdown completely because some activists and political parties called for a demonstration against corruption. The government is not happy about this planned demonstration calling it an attempt to remove a constitutionally elected government. During the last demonstration the government illegally (the High Court ruled it was illegal on a technicality) blocked social media before shutting down the entire internet.

There is a very good chance they will do it again this time using another means. They have the Act they used last time or they can just use the Temporary Presidential Powers Act which has been liberally used over the past 2 years to do anything including banning the US dollar and reintroducing it back again among a plethora of tings.

The Canary

This is 06:32 hours Central African time. According to our tests:

  • The internet is up for all Zimbabweans
  • People who have data or credit can still access the internet as usual even using mobile data (last time mobile internet was the first to be limited and eventually shut down)
  • People can still access all social media