Recently the Bulawayo City Council announced that all its tariffs, rates and fees would be based in USD instead of ZWL. According to the council, there were forced to do this in order to combat incapacitation brought about by inflation, rate spikes and other issues brought about by using ZWL as a base currency. The council will now convert all its rates from ZWL to USD based on the original rate they used when the current budget was adopted. Residents can still pay their bills in ZWL, when a resident wishes to do this, the council will first convert the original USD tariff to ZWL using the prevailing willing buyer willing seller rate at the time when the resident wishes to make payment.

Below is a full statement from Bulawayo City Council on the issue:

The City of Bulawayo wishes to advise its valued stakeholders, residents and customers that due to prevailing economic conditions such as changes in the exchange rate there have been substantial increases in the prices of key service delivery inputs namely fuel, water & wastewater treatment chemicals, medicines, stationery & spare parts among others.

This has rendered the current Council charges inadequate thereby necessitating an urgent alignment of tariffs to input costs in order to alleviate service delivery collapse.

Residents are advised that all Council charges have been translated to the USD value on the date of approval of the 2022 budget. The tariffs shall be translated at the ruling rate on the date of billing with effect from 1 June 2022.

Residents and stakeholders are encouraged to contact Council Revenue offices for the updated charges on their properties.
For billing and bill payment assistance you can call or contact us on the following:

Direct lines 02922 66203, 02922 66624, 02922 63465, 02922 60731, 02922 66521, 02922 66479 and 02922 66513. 2. Email 3. WhatsApp 0784 136 505