Last week we warned that the Zimbabwean dollar was on the move again as it plumbed new depths against the US dollar and Rand. We also warned that if this did not change we would be seeing another round of price increases.

Well, the price increases have started. Bakers have increased the price to $9.70 per loaf that is just 30 cents shy of the $10 mark. Meanwhile, we haven’t heard of salary increases in a while. That can only mean more pressure on most household budgets that are already besieged by all-round price increases as inflation soars.

Will you be able to avoid bread at this price

Personally I stopped looking for bread months ago. There are just too many queues that one has to enter bread was just not that important anymore. Then it became available but the price was just beyond what I could afford. I have since found alternatives.

When we did our last survey most shops had shelves full of bread. People couldn’t afford it anymore. That was when it was $7 or thereabout. Now it’s $9.70 who is going to afford that price tag? Certainly not many people.

Are you one of those people? The privileged few. Will you be able to afford bread at this price?