The Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe (TSCZ) has issued a warning to motorists throughout the country to be more cautious when driving as there are increased chances of tyre bursts due to summer heat. It is now officially summer and temperatures have been rising. The TSCZ also went on to list some of the precautions that motorists need to take to protect themselves from the potential harm that can come from tyre bursts. This includes buying only reliable tyre brands.

In this summer season, our tyres fall victim due to high temperatures and this often results in tyre bursts. This, however, is very dangerous for drivers, passengers and all road users including the surrounding vehicles.

There are several factors that causes tyre bursts in summer, the primary factor being warm temperatures, followed by high speeds, use of old tyres and underinflated tyres which can cause your tyres to overheat.

As TSCZ, we would like to encourage the motoring public to ensure that your tyres have the recommended tyre pressure and are properly inflated. We also urge you to reduce heavy load and keep vehicle weight to a minimum during this season to avoid excess pressure on tyres.

Lastly, you are encouraged to use reputable tyre brands.

Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe

This year’s summer temperatures are likely to be higher than usual if summer temperatures in Europe this year are anything to go by. Thanks to climate change temperatures of over 35 degrees celsius which were quite rare in times past are now being achieved on a more regular basis. As the TSCZ rightly notes, these high temperatures can lead to tyre bursts. Tyre bursts can be fatal if they occur whilst one is driving.