Baker’s Inn has been making a killing with their so-called “ZUPCO” orders which is a popular nickname for their chips and sausage order that comes in a small cardboard box decorated with blue designs. The box goes for US$1 and is easily one of their popular orders. People line up at Bakers Inn outlets to buy this order but now Bakers Inn have altered the order.

In all the outlets we have visited in recent months we have seen the servers using a scale to measure the amount of chips they put in the boxes. Before this, each server would use their judgement when it came to the amount of chips in a box but now it seems Simbisa has decided to standardise this order. From what we can tell each box is now getting about 300g of chips and sausage.

Why the change?

It’s probably a matter of cost. We have seen Simbisa do the same with their Tuesday and Thursday pizza orders that barely have any toppings on them. The amount of profit they are making on this order has to be very small in the magnitude of around 10 cents perhaps. They would want to make sure they preserve this margin in any way they can including by making sure the order is standardised across the board. Otherwise, they risk making losses on some orders if the server is liberal with the chips.