A consumer rights group, Consumer Rights Association, has pointed out what we have known for months, bread prices are beyond the reach of many Zimbabweans. Well here is some news, at over $9 per kg, even salt is now too expensive for many Zimbabweans who are besieged by spiralling cost of living.

The spokesperson for the advocacy group expressed concern at the continued rising of the cost of bread.

We are very much concerned about the ever-increasing cost of basic commodities, like bread that has been priced beyond the reach of the majority of the people of Zimbabwe.

As a result, in the morning every day where you are supposed to have bread on the table, people are not affording that, so children are going to school without bread; spending the whole day without food.

Effie Ncube, spokesperson for the Consumer Rights Association

The majority of Zimbabweans are incapacitated

While the government and businesses have seen it fit to adjust prices on a weekly and sometimes daily basis, wages have completely been ignored. This has resulted in the erosion of spending power of many workers.

The poverty datum line is now probably north of the $2 000 ZWL mark. Unfortunately, most workers including civil servants earn nowhere near this. Civil servants from a lot of institutions, doctors, Zimpost workers have all either written to their employers citing incapacitations or have already downed tools.