Yesterday there was another panic moment as the South African news channel, eNCA, reported that there was a confirmed Covid-19 case in Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwean government for the umpteenth time vigorously denied this claim even as the citizens wondered again, for the umpteenth time whether the government was lying.

In other words, it would have been a typical day except for one thing. The Zimbabwean government has finally decided to swing into action after watching the virus unfold in other parts of the world for weeks. Coronavirus is now a “national disaster”.

The president has said that that churches and weddings or gatherings of more than 100 people have been banned for the next 60 days. To demonstrate their commitment the government has also banned Independence Celebrations and the ZITF event which is normally held in April.

South African Cases Increase

Meanwhile in South Africa confirmed cases continue to rise. As of today, according to Health24, there are now 85 cases. As the number continues to rise, so are the chances of it getting into Zimbabwe, South Africa is a close ally and the Beitbridge border, a vital link for South Africa remains and will remain open.