Yesterday was not a good day for those who use Ecocash. The service was very unstable and characterised by intermittent service. Trying to access the service via the *150# resulted in a system busy error more often than not.

The mystery of the missing airtime option

Those who managed to get past the first system busy error were greeted by a menu that had one important fuction of Ecocash missing. The Airtime menu seemed to have dissappeared and a lot of people were suscipious.

Some speculated that this was part of Ecocash/Cassava’s evil plan to push people to use their Sasai App which despite aggressive push by its owners doesn’t seem to be gaining much traction.

Later Ecocash issued a statement saying they were in the process of stabilising the system. They seem to have succeeded as this morning their system seems a lot more responsive and the airtime menu is back.