It has been just over two weeks since EcoCash conducted their shambolic major upgrade and yet the woes persist. Just yesterday I tried paying for my internet connection and the simple transaction repeatedly failed.

Then I got an error saying I had insufficient funds, an ominous indicator that my account had already been debited despite none of the transactions going through. Finally, I started getting an error saying I had reached a daily limit to my transactions with ZOL. This is despite the fact that none of the transactions had appeared to have been successful.

If anything this reveals what a lot of people have long suspected, the software used to do the upgrade was not properly tested at all before the upgrade was implemented. Some of the ensuing issues appear so routine minor testing would have revealed them.

A case in point are the error and status messages which appeared confusing and confused. The most famous of these was one that said your transaction has failed.

Strangely despite all this, I received an email from ZOL telling me my transaction had been successful. I guess ZOL being part of the Liquid Econet Cassava extended family means they are privy to certain APIs that allow them to minimise the number of failed transactions. In fact, if I recall correctly all the times I have paid ZOL using EcoCash the transaction never seems to fail even when it has failed.

Time to consider OneMoney

I am not one who is generally conformable with handing over my information to the government but the noise to move to OneMoney is really starting to sound very persuasive.