Ecocash has just sent out a message informing customers that they are really back this time around and all services are up. This is the third time we have heard this and the first two times they have said this have been a disaster.

Maybe this third time will be a charm. A quick test confirms the service is working well on USSD. We did not risk making a transaction. We already have a pending transaction which cleaned our balance out so we will wait for that to be reversed before venturing back into the deep end.

That’s the other thing. Ecocash has promised that it will be looking into all the mess it created and clean it all up. Hopefully, some of us with missing money will actually get it back and spend it while it still has value.

Ecocash Update Thank your for your support. All services are up. Kindly bear with us as we clear any service issues you may experience. Sincer apologies for the inconvenience.

The latest update from Ecocash

As already said this is not the first time we have seen this update. We are just going to have to play it by the ear and see what Ecocash users say about the service.