According to Econet/Cassava Smartech, yesterday 6 September 2020 was the deadline for choosing which Ecocash line you want to keep. The sad thing is that not a lot of people knew about this. Most of us have sort of trained ourselves to just ignore most of the spammy messages we receive from Ecocash and apparently among those was an important message about you having to choose the Ecocash line you want to keep as the RBZ, in the profound wisdom as the gods of money, have ordered that you can have only one Ecocash line.

Lots of confusing messages from Ecocash

Ever since the RBZ made the surprising announcement we have received several conflicting messages from Ecocash and Econe their partners. First we were told that Ecocash would do the choosing and the Ecocash account with the fewer transactions would face the chop. There probably realised the error of their ways eventually I guess as having fewer transactions does not necessary mean unwanted.

So at some point they decided to allow people to choose. Sadly the message that you could choose which line you wanted to use for Ecocash came in a little too close to the deadline and even when people got the message there were no clear instructions on how one could go about choosing. I was one of those people wondering how you could do that until I was told how to do this yesterday. Strangley there is nothing in my Ecocash inbox about this method.

How you can choose?

The good news is that it seems even though the deadline has passed you can still choose which wallet to choose. Here is how you can do this:

  • Dial *150# on your phone
  • Choose Option 5
  • You will be presented with all the Ecocash accounts you own. These are represented by the line numbers under which the accounts operate
  • Look carefully here and select the line you want to keep
  • On the next screen you will be asked to confirm this
  • You will receive a success message which will be confirmed by an SMS send to your phone

Make sure to move all the money from the other wallets to this main wallet. Sadly if you have more than $5000 ti will take time and you might eventually have to ask Ecocash for support. It’s a mess but our central bank doesn’t feel like they are doing their jobs if there is no mess-right?

You better hurry up. While the method is still working there is no telling when it will stop working as we have already mentioned that the deadline for doing this is supposed to have passed.


We don’t know how to do this on OneMoney or Telecash. In any case it’s not like there are many people out there with multiple wallets from these providers.