EcoCash has been having a very tough few weeks indeed. To say their major upgrade did not go well seems like an understatement of the year. Right now their system seems down again and it is sputtering all sorts of errors according to reports by several people.

We ran our own tests and got bizarre results

After hearing this we decided to run our own test just to see what was going on. It was a standard test really that involved sending money between the two EcoCash numbers we own.

Since we have been avoiding EcoCash like a plague and only using it when necessary our accounts are both empty. Sending money between the two accounts shouldn’t have worked.

We attempted to send $123 to the other number and got the shock of our life when we completed the final step. The transaction succeeded and we actually got a balance of $169.

Now that’s just bizarre because we never cash in or do a Bank-To-Wallet transfer of any sort! Our account was empty so where did the money come from?

EcoCash SMS to customers

Dear valued customer

We apologise for service disruptions you may be experiencing in trying to transact on EcoCash. Our technical team is working to resolve the technical challenge and we will inform you as soon as normal service is restored.

We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused.

Live Life the EcoCash Way!