This was something people have been asking for a long time. Ecocash has always resisted it but this time they had no choice but to comply with a government directive asking them to join ZIMSWITCH’s ZIPIT platform. Now you can send money to any mobile wallet as long as it has ZIPIT functionality. This means you can now easily and directly send money to OneMoney and Telecash wallets via ZIPIT. In fact you can now send money to any bank account directly from Ecocash.

Prior to this development you could theoratically send money to NetOne and Telecel customers but this money would not appear in these people’s relevant wallets. Instead it would appear as a token send to an unregistered customer. The only way for the customer to use money was to go to an Ecocash agent and request a cashout. That worked well before the cash crisis but with cash having been a scarce commodity these past few years it wasn’t a viable or popular solution. Then the government banned Ecocash agents making the hard impossible in the process.

How to send money to other wallets

  • Dial *151#
  • Select option 1 i.e. Send Money
  • Choose Option 5 i.e Send to Account
  • Select your destination account’s bank e.g. OneMoney or Telecash. You can send money to any bank account here but since we are talking about mobile wallets we gave these two examples
  • Enter the account number (i.e. the phone number of the person who is receiving the money)
  • Enter the amount
  • The reference for the transfer e.g Groceries. This is entirely up to you but most people enter the purpose of payment here
  • Confirm transaction when prompted to do so.

The amount will immediately appear in your recipient’s wallet or bank account depending on your choices above.

Can Ecocash customers receive money from OneMoney or Telecash?

Yes you can. Now there is a trick to it. You cannot send money to Ecocash by simply selecting the send money option from say OneMoney. That option is for OneMoney to OneMoney transactions. If you want to send money to an Ecocash customer you have to select the ZIPIT option, scroll through the various banks available before you get to the last page where you can find Ecocash, enter the phone number as the account number and then amount and confirm transaction.

Can bank customers send money to Ecocash directly?

Yes just as above just remember that you are sending as ZIPIT and select Ecocash as the destination bank.