A lot of parody accounts have been rising to the fore in the wake of the disastrous EcoCash upgrade conducted over the past weekend. These parody accounts have been often saucy and funny, dishing out witty answers and making pithy posts.

Some parody accounts have however been skirting with what can only be called criminal behaviour. Hiding behind the anonymity of the internet one even created a fake message saying EcoCash was shutting down and to those who are not so discerning it sounded very convincing and there was a bit of a panic.

Another panic account has actually sent out a message telling people to only listen to it as it is the official account. That’s what the official EcoCash account does but this time it’s a fake account that is saying it is the genuine account and it has quite a number of people fooled.

The Statement from the fake Ecocash Twitter Account

Dear Valued Customers,

Please be aware of fake social media accounts purporting to be Ecocash.
Ecocash’s official social media accounts are: Facebook: EcoCash Zimbabwe Twitter: ©EcoCashzwl Kindly ignore any communications that are not from the official social media accounts.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Live Life the Ecocash Way!

The real Ecocash Account is verified on Twitter

The real EcoCash Account is verified on Twitter with a blue-tick and everything. It has tens of thousands of followers, unlike all the fake accounts that are relatively new. The real account has been existence on Twitter since 2013.