It has been a week ever since EcoCash conducted their upgrade. Conducted over the course of last weekend the upgrade was supposed to be big and last a mere 24 hours and yet its almost 7 days later and the glitches in the system remain with lots of bugs still to be quashed.

We experienced the shambolic nature of the weekend upgrade on Wednesday when we tried to do a Wallet-to-Bank transaction. The transaction which was not necessary was prompted by the fact that most shops had stopped accepting EcoCah given the persistent downtimes and errors.

The money never reached our Bank account and yet it had been deducted from our wallet. Upon conducting Cassava Smartech and EcoCash we were told to wait 24 hours. That is something they always say and not once has it ever worked for us.

Only after persistent pestering did we finally manage to get the transaction reversed. That was on Thursday evening and during all that time scores of people expressed similar frustrations of failed Wallet-to-Bank transactions.

Wallet to bank seems to be working now but…

Wallet-to-Bank transactions seem to be going through now and we attempted again and the transaction was successfully executed and our money appeared in the bank account in seconds-as it should. We cheerfully went on do use our bank account.

However neither FBC nor EcoCash are sending our confirmation SMSes as is the norm. We did a cashout and while it was successful we did get a message confirming the transaction. We bought airtime same story, even the Wallet-to-Bank was done quietly.

All this means you will have to check your balance. EcoCash and FBC charge for these sort of transactions. So they are most probably making more money because of these glitches. Imagine getting paid to do the wrong thing!