Two weeks after hiking the price of LP gas from $15 to $18 Zuva has increased the price of their gas again. On Friday, they increased the price of gas from $18 to $22 per kg.

Although the power situation has improved somewhat since the beginning of the month, LP gas together with charcoal, firewood and paraffin still remain an important reliable source of energy especially when it comes to cooking in Harare’s suburbs.

The increase came on the same day when ZESA also got a nod from the government to increase its own tariffs. This will probably leave customers without refuge as fuel prices were also raised the very next day.

Now we are watching

The last time Zuva increased the price of LP gas we were caught by surprise. We were used to paying $15 and didn’t even know when they had made the increase. This time thanks to our increasing intelligence network we knew!

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