Just a little over a month after Zuva raised the price of the LP (cooking gas) from $18 to $22 they have now increased the price again. Those who wanted to buy gas at Zuva service stations yesterday were now being asked to pay the new prices of $27 per kg.

Again it is not clear what prompted this latest price hike. Rates have been relatively stable for the past few weeks averaging just over or under $20 ZWL on the black market with the interbank rate standing at $15.77.

LP gas has become an important alternative given how ZESA continues to struggle with power supply. A lot of urban families now use it to cook hence it being popularly known as cooking gas.

Even those who live in areas that are spared power cuts because they are connected to important infrastructure such as hospitals also use gas due to ZESA’s new tariff system that punishes heavy users with tariffs of over $3 per kWh.