It seems as every week begins there is always some bad news waiting for the average Zimbo. Usually, this is in the form of a price increase and unfortunately, this week is no different. Zimbabwe’s largest internet service provider, ZOL, has just sent out a communication to all its subscribers informing them that the service provider will start charging 10% excise duty on all internet and VoIP packages soon. We are not quite sure what’s prompting this, it’s probably the Zimbabwean government’s fault somehow, but that means all internet packages are effectively going up by 10%.

Dear Valued Customer,

As a result of the regulatory changes, ZOL Zimbabwe is required to levy a 10% Excise duty across all internet and VoIP packages effective 1 March 2022. For more information on how this affects your current package please visit

We greatly appreciate your business and look forward to your continued support.


The email from ZOL to subscribers

We have updated the prices for ZOL on our site to reflect these upcoming changes. Also, note that if this is a government thing every ISP including TelOne and Utande will be introducing these new excise duties soon too. This article will probably change as we get more information and update it.