ZOL prices are going up on the 1st of August. The price increase is across its entire suite of productions including Wibroniks and Fibroniks. The price adjustment was brought about by the uptick in the official rate which has slowly crept up to about 85.50 ZW per 1 USD over the last few weeks. The last time ZOL increased its prices was in September of last year. Because the official rate hasn’t moved much most people are probably not even going to notice the movement in the price.

Dear Customer

This email serves to notify you of a price adjustment on our products and services effective 01 August 2021. This price adjustment is consistent with ZOL Zimbabwe’s continued efforts to offer reliable service.

For more information on the price adjustment visit our website, [You can always view current ZOL prices here]

Please be advised that all Unlimited Fibroniks and Wibroniks subscriptions will be billed at the new price starting 01 August 2021 and any prepayments must be made against an invoice for the prepayment period.

Thank you for your business and continued support.


As I already pointed out a lot of people will probably not mind the price adjustment is it’s very slight even for the expensive packages. This is because the official rate, which ZOL uses to compete for their prices, has not moved much compared to the unofficial rate which has continued to go up. I don’t ZOL’s price adjustment is even in line with inflation. ZOL is still one of the cheapest options out there especially if you compare them with options like mobile data which is very expensive.