Zimbabwe’s largest internet service provider, ZOL seems to have introduced a new offering. It’s called Mibroniks and technically it’s not exactly new. It’s just that they seem to be now deliberately distinguishing between Wibroniks (their fixed LTE package) from Mibroniks (their Mobile Wifi offering).

As the name suggests Mibroniks involves the use of a mobile WiFi device but it is more than that. Earlier this year ZOL also started offering a SIM-only package for $10 ZWL that allows people with compatible phones and MIFI devices to buy the ZOL SIM card only and use it in their phones.

One of the issues, however, seems to be that even if you opted for the SIM only package and used it in your phone, you still had to buy the same data bundles that are used by fixed Wibroniks customers. Mibroniks aims to change that.

The Mibroniks Package

Mibroniks seems to be an effort to offer bundles that appeal to phone data users on the go. So far what we have seen being advertised is just one bundle for $156 which comes with unlimited WhatsApp.