ZOL has just send out an email to its subscribers announcing that they will be hiking prices of Wibroniks prices effective 1 December. This comes hot on the foot of another increase that came into effect on 1 November.

This serves to notify all our valued customers of a price adjustment on specific packages. The adjustment is effective 1 December 2019.

The affected packages are listed below

Package NameData$
Wibroniks UnlimitedUnlimited$1,216.55


2GB15 days + 15 days rollover$61
3GB15 days + 15 days rollover$82.65
5GB15 days + 15 days rollover$117.45
15GB30 days + 30 days rollover$226.20
20GB30 days + 30 days rollover$255.20
30GB30 days + 30 days rollover$375.55
60GB30 days + 30 days rollover$565.50
100GB30 days + 30 days rollover$758.35

We greatly appreciate your business and sincerely hope you understand the need to implement these adjustments.