The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the use of the internet in lieu of face to face interactions. Now more than ever people are doing online lessons, shopping, meetings and even entire events. The examination process has also been moving online with boards such as CIMA, ACCA and IMM leading the pack. Unfortunately the state of Zimbabwean internet leaves a lot to be desired unless you have a fibre connection in which case you are OK on most days.

Recently a ZOL customer revealed how heartbreaking and life changing having a poor internet connection can be. Speaking on Twitter she revealed how her ZOL internet connection chocked and sputtered when it came to the moment of truth resulting in her failing.

Dear @ZOLconnect i would like to express my disappointment with your internet connection.. Today I failed to write my certification exam because i could not get a stable internet connection. Zim service providers never take accountability of their bad service.

The masses constantly suffer because of your failure to deliver . Your disregard towards money that others have worked so hard for saddens me.. USDs were paid for this exam and I may never get an opportunity like this again. Im VERY Dissapointed.

You think just because im connected to my social media its enough to satisfy me as a client… Providing just enough bandwidth for a client to browse on social media is not it. I want to conduct work meetings attend interviews, write exams. I want top tier service that’s all

@Tendow77 on Twitter

Strangley ZOL never bothered to reply to this customer as far as we could ascertain which in itself is a sign of the disease plaguing internet service providers. Often human support is poor and sadly misses the mark as the support staff reads off a script or offers platitudes instead of a solution.