ZimParks recently announced a price increase for visitors intending to enter the Zambezi and Victoria Falls Parks. These fees, called conservation fees, are paid when you intend to enter a park to either view animals or to see the Victoria Falls. The fees are meant to help with the upkeep of Victoria Falls, and the adjoining park. Visitors are currently paying US$7 per day but when the news fees come into effect they will be paying US$10 to gain entrance. Visitors will start to pay the new fees starting 1 January 2023.

The new fees will be as follows:

FeeLocal Visitors/DayLocal Accommodated Visitors/DaySADC Visitors/DaySADC Accommodated Visitors/DayInternational/DayInternational Accommodated/Day
Rainforest Ordinary GateUS$10n/aUS$30n/aUS$50n/a
Rainforest VIP GaeUS$30n/aUS$70n/aUS$50n/a
Rainforest Moonlight ViewingUS$15n/aUS$70n/aUS$100n/a