Multichoice South Africa have announced that they will be increasing the bouquet prices starting the first of April this year. On average the price of all services is going to be increased by over 2%. The company’s Chief Operating Officer Simon Camerer explained away the hike by saying that the latest hike was prompted by the fact that the company has to pay for content in USD. The Rand hasn’t been the most stable currency these past few months oscillating between almost R20 per dollar and around R14.50 per dollar.

What are the new prices?

PackageCurrent PriceNew Price Starting 1 April 2021New Price in USD
DStv PremiumR819R829$56.62
DStv Compact PlusR529R539$36.80
DStv CompactR399R409$27.94
DStv FamilyR279R295$20.15
DStv AccessR110R115$7.85

Addons are also going to see some price adjustments

AddonCurrent PriceNew Price Starting AprilUSD Equivalent
Access FeeR100R1057.17
Box OfficeR35R402.73

Still way cheaper than what Zimbabweans are paying

Zimbabweans pay so much more than this but there are some who have “illegal” South African DSTV connections. This is not going to affect what you pay by much. Most agents and middlemen who do the payments ask for payment in USD and in US terms this change is not earth shattering. You will probably end up paying a dollar or so more than what you have been paying. Still you need to be aware of this change.