Under the new curriculum Zimbabwean grade 6 students who intend to sit for the Grade 7 ZIMSEC examinations next year are now required to pay examination fees whilst in Grade 6. This is because the government surmised that most people would not be able to afford to pay the requisite Grade 7 fees in a single instalment when they reach Grade 7. Instead, examination fees are split into two instalments, one to be paid while they in Grade 6 and the final instalment while they are in Grade 7. For Grade 6 students this year the fees will be US29.

Please be advised that the examination fees for 2022 is USD65.00 for all subjects. The Government will contribute USD 36.00 of the examination fees for candidates in public schools while parents and guardians will pay USD 29.00. All candidates from private schools and colleges will meet the full cost of USD 65.00 as examination fees for the year. Therefore, the termly fees for 2022 Grade 6 examination fees for candidates will be as follows:

• Candidates in public schools: USD 5.00

• Candidates in Private Schools and colleges: USD 11.00

• Extra-Territorial Candidates: USD 21.00

NB: Please be advised that candidates who prepaid for the current examination only pay the balance due from the 2022 approved fees by the closing date indicated below.

Centres are requested not to allow individual candidates to make their own deposits into the 2IMSEC Bank Account.

Proof of payment in the form of a deposit slip together with the Statement of Fees harm must be submitted to 2IMSEC Regional Offices.

2.0 Closing Date
Following the announcement of examination fees in USD and paid in local currency at the prevailing interbank rate please be advised that parents and guardians must pay examination fees to their centres during the period 22 July to 29 July 2022 for the First and Second Term. The closing date for payments and submission of proof of payments accompanied by entries is 29 July 2022. During this period, an interbank exchange rate prevailing as at 22 July 2022 which will be communicated by ZIMSEC to all centres will be applied. Payments received after the closing date will be considered at a rate prevailing at the date received.

The notice from ZIMSEC

Things to note

The fees will not be paid in USD even though they are quoted in USD. This is the government’s attempt to prevent the fees from being eroded by rate spikes and inflation. Ironically the government will not allow others to do the same thing with civil servants still being paid in ZWL. Students will be asked to pay in ZWL at the prevailing Willing Buyer Willing Seller rate as announced by the RBZ on the day in question. You can still be make payments after the closing date but you will have to pay the presumably now higher rate prevailing on the date you make the payment. It is not even clear why they have a closing date at all. It is not like the students are in a hurry to write that year.