If you have been having a hard time purchasing ZESA tokens you are not alone. It seems ZESA is at the very least, having intermittent issues on their system. This means that sometimes its working and people can buy tokens at other times it’s not working.

We first became aware of the problem when a user complained that they couldn’t buy tokens using Ecocash early in the morning around 5:00 am. The user said they have been trying since the dead of night with no luck. We gave the standard advice, it’s probably Ecocash try other payment methods.

That lone voice was eventually joined by others sharing similar concerns. A user said their Paynow (Topup transaction) could not go through and they didn’t get their token.

That chorus became a crescendo as more and more voices joined. People used various methods including Steward bank and CBZ all said they couldn’t buy ZESA tokens. It’s not clear what’s going on but we can say with confidence that ZESA is having system issues of some sort.

If you want a token, go to ZESA

It seems these issues are limited to their API (the channel that allows other systems including Ecocash and banks to talk to the ZESA systems and get tokens on the fly) and not to ZESA itself.

According to reliable sources, if you desperately want a token right now you can get one from ZESA/ZETDC offices.