Bouyed by sudden interest and demand potatoes prices have risen from around $170 RTGS and $90 bond to a whopping $200+ and $130 per pocket in supermarkets and at Mbare Musika respectivley. If the trend continues and given the recent hike in fuel prices it will, the prices are going to rise even further this week.

So this is where we are at. Most people will not be able to afford these prices, not after rent, transport and paying fees for their school-going kids. This leaves would leave you with vegetables as your only option given the fact that even chicken feet will cost you a stunning $70+ per kg.

A lot of supermarkets also sell potatoes per kg. This involves you going to picking the ones you want from a basket and putting them into a little plastic package which is then weighed. In our experience these are usually much much more expensive. In fact in Pick N Pay, washed potatoes often cost twice as much as potatoes sold in pockets.

Where it this coming from

Well, our beloved President has encouraged us to feast on potatoes and vegetables ( covo or cabbages?) instead of on the now un-affordable meat. We just wanted it on record that if you cannot afford meat it probably means you will not be able to afford potatoes anyway.