According to the incensed Editors at the government owned Sunday News, landlords in Bulawayo are demanding between $35 to $40 USD from NUST students who want to rent their rooms. While the publication is shocked, those rentals are quite cheap considering what students in Harare have to pay.

This situation is now worse than before, rentals are now costly and our parents cannot afford such kind of money on a monthly basis so we end up negotiating with our colleagues to share a room without the knowledge of the landlord.

Some of us end up engaging in immoral habits whereby we end up living with students of the opposite sex just to secure accommodation, we, therefore, request that Government builds more hostels equally affordable like on-campus rentals.

One student who spoke to Sunday News

Harare students have it worse

Students in Harare have been paying rentals in foreign currency since forever, in fact they never stopped paying in foreign currency. Rentals can go as high as $70 per head.

That is right, students who rent appartments and rooms in surbubs such as Mt Pleasant and Vainona close to the University of Zimbabwe campus actually have to pay rentals per head and not per room.

Paying rentals per room means students can share cost but that tended to result in overcrowding. To counter this students now have to pay per head as landlords profit from their desperation.