In other countries, you only need to call an emergency number and a friendly attendant on the other end sends the calvary to rescue you. In Zimbabwe, dialing emergency numbers like 911,112, or 999 on your phone doesn’t help as your calls will probably just be ignored. There is no one coming unless you call a specific ambulance service and foot your bill. In towns getting ahold of an ambulance service is not an issue as there are many providers. But what if you have an emergency whilst in some remote rural area?

This is where ambulance air services come in. There are usually very expensive and the preserve of the ultra-rich and Bigwigs. Today, however, we learnt of an ambulance service that includes very cheap packages and promises to revolutionise the air ambulance industry. ACE (Air and Ambulance Pvt Ltd) is a regional ambulance air service provider that was founded back in 2015 with the aim of offering ambulance membership packages to Zimbabweans. It is an internationally accredited air ambulance service. They own several helicopters and fixed-wing air-crafts as well as a fleet of road ambulances for when you are closer to the CBD.

What packages do they offer?

The company currently offers three packages:

  • Basic
  • Intermediate and
  • Premium

What each package costs and what’s included?

  1. The Basic package costs US$1 per month:
    • National road ambulance service
    • To nearest Hospital
    • Fully equipped to ICU level
    • All emergency resuscitation 
      equipment and medication
    • Registered nurse and paramedic
    • Countrywide 24 hours
  2. The Intermediate package costs US$3 per month
    • Road ambulance and helicopter rescue
    • To nearest Hospital
    • Aeromedical configuration
    • Advanced Life support equipment      and ICU medication
    • Two advanced paramedics
    • Countrywide 24/7
  3. The premium package costs US$5 per month
    • Road ambulance, air ambulance, helicopter rescue, and 24 hours access to the emergency call center
    • To most appropriate medical centre within Zimbabwe
    • ICU Aeromedical services
    • ICU Advanced medical equipment
    • Intensivist Doctor and ICU nurse
    • Country wide 24/7

Want to learn more or want to join her e is how you can go about it?

You can call their 24 hour emergency lines: +263 782 999 91-4. You can also email [email protected]