CABS has now followed in the footsteps of Ecobank by introducing USD ATM withdrawals. If you have a Visa Card or a MasterCard you can now visit one of their designated ATMs and withdraw USD. The card can be local or international as long as it allows you to make international withdrawals you can make a withdrawal.

Which CABS ATMs can you use if you want to withdraw USD?

To withdraw USD cash using your MasterCard or Visa Card you have to visit designated ATM with your card. The following ATMs will allow you to withdraw USD cash:

  • Harare ATMs can be found at:
    • Central Avenue
    • Park Street
    • First Street
  • If you are in Bulawayo use the CABS ATM at Jason Moyo
  • If you are not in Haare or Bulawayo you can head to the CABS branches in the following towns and use the ATMs there:
    • Chiredzi
    • Gweru
    • Kariba
    • Beitbridge
    • Masvingo
    • Mutare Herbet Chitepo
    • Victoria Falls.

Can I use a local CABS card to withdraw?

No, you cannot use your ZIMSWITCH card to withdraw USD. Thanks to the current government policy accessing USD is not that easy. In a normal country, you could just make a payment using your ZWL card and the bank would charge deduct money from your account using the prevailing exchange rate. As things stand the interbank rate is just a one-way road that is used by banks and selected companies to buy USD from you officially.

Can I use my locally branded Visa or MasterCard to withdraw?

It depends, if your card is a USD based card something like the FBC Prepaid MasterCard, Steward Prepaid Visa or BancABC Visa, then yes you can make a withdrawal. However, there are some banks that issue Visa-branded ZWL cards. These will now allow you to withdraw USD from these ATMs.

Can I use a foreign issued card to withdraw cash?

Yes, so long as the bank that issued that card allows you to make international transactions you can use the card to make a withdrawal.

What are the withdrawal limits?

According to CABS the withdrawal limit is US$1 000 per day.

What are the costs of withdrawing?

CABS will charge you 1% on top of what you withdraw. This is in addition to whatever your bank charges you. So if you withdraw US$1 000 you will be charged US$10 and will have to pay whatever your bank charges on top of that for FBC’s MasterCard that will be 3% i.e US$30.