Starting today the recommended price for the standard 2kg pack of brown sugar will now be just under $135 ZWL. Tongaat Hulett Zimbabwe’s sugar producing monopoly revealed this in their latest price update to retailers and wholesalers. A kilogram of the sweet stuff now has a recommended retail price of $67.21 and $336.04 is now the price for 5kg.

The new prices are as follows:

  • 1kg will now sell for $67.21
  • 2kg will now sell for $134.42
  • 5kg will sell for $336.04
  • 10kg will now sell for 672.09

This matches the black market price

Sugar has been selling for $2.50 on the black market as supermarkets ran out weeks ago. The new price matches the black market price if one uses the prevailing black market rate of $55-60 per USD. This again runs a sword through the government’s mantra that the official forex market is working.