After holding on steady, the price of Royco Usavi and its horde of inspired similar products such as Karinga have also gone up over the past two weeks. They all now sell for almost twice their asking price from a fortnight ago.

Whilst the price of everything from fuel to candles have gone up steadily, for some reason, Royco continued to sell at an affordable $2.89 ( range). This was its price since August when we were born and started keeping a log of the prices of basic products.

Starting two weeks ago, in Foodworld, the rock finally moved, we saw the price rise above $3 for the first time. The price remained unchanged in all the other shops. Then OK followed suit, Choppies were not about to be left behind, then FoodWorld and TM. Now if you want that magic sachet, expect to pay prices north of $6.

An article about soup you guys have run out of ideas!

We wouldn’t be writing about this if we didn’t think it was important. Royco Usavi is the unacknowledged magic behind most good dishes. I remember when my family discovered it after an advertisement back in the glorious 90s. One spoonful of that stuff transformed boring vegetables into something exciting.

It is found on most shopping lists no matter your income. And how many products do you know whose price hasn’t changed in months? Hence our homage.