Zimbabwe’s MPs have often been castigated for being out of touch and selfish. In fact, many have been known to run for office simply to boost their profile and get them closer to the proverbial trough. Time and time again this has been proved by the shocking utterances some of them make in parliament.

The latest case: It’s not a secret that Zimbabwe has been suffering from fuel shortages that began in December of 2018. Shortages the government including parliament, have been bothered to solve. The MPs in Parliament would rather talk about tablets and cars than solve the prevailing economic crisis it seems.

At a recent Parliament gathering one of the MPs in Parliament, Senator Keresencia Chabuka (MDC-Alliance) , had a question for the Deputy Minister of Energy:

Today is Thursday (and) tomorrow we are expected to check out (of hotels) and go to our respective constituencies; how do we get there?

Service stations with fuel are selling in United States dollars, yet we are paid in local currency. Most of the time, we have fuel coupons and most service stations would be selling in hard currency.

MPs had a novel, selfish and stupid idea on how to solve this problem

Instead of castigating the executive for some of the foolish decisions that have allowed the shortages to persist MPs had a rather novel and selfish idea, why not have separate service station that will serve them guaranteed fuel without mixing with us dirty plebs.

It will be useful to have a garage or service station where MPs could go and redeem their coupons.

Senator Mike Nyambuya suggested and it seems everyone, even accross the isle was warming up to the idea

The only problem about this suggestion, it seems, is that government has little control over other private fuel suppliers except for their own, Petrotrade, so it’s very possible that one day soon, our pot-bellied, representatives (chiefs as they prefer to be known), will not be queueing with us anymore as they fill up their posh cars.